Sunday, 16 November 2014

Voices, amplified

There's been lots of interest in this project and I'm very excited to say that a number of fellow colleagues and tweeters have offered to write posts for this blog.

So upcoming posts will feature:

Rosa Parks - by Lou Mycroft @teachnorthern

Dorothy Heathcote and Harriet Finlay Johnson - by Tim Taylor @imagineinquiry

Margaret McMillan - by Ellie Julings @ellietrees

We are starting to build a fantastic list of names too - here's just a few for starters:

Grace Coyle
Louise Michel
Maria Montessori
Josephine Macalister Brew
Mary Wollstonecraft

We're just starting to scratch the surface so please do tweet or email me more of your suggestions and blog offers @KaySocLearn or

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